Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting to The End

I'm nearing the end of the novel that I've been writing on for several months. It's just the first draft and I know it needs at least one if not two more drafts before I can submit it. As I've approached the end, I've worked out all the plotline questions that I had when I started. I've figured out a way to up the ante when I sit down and do my rewrites.

The only thing I haven't figured out is The End.

Yes I know the hero and heroine end up together. Yes I know they stop the immediate danger. But do I let my villain get away to wreck havoc in another book? That's my dilemma.

Unlike my previous novels, this one is intended to be a Harlequin Intrigue category romance. I have several secondary characters that can move into the spotlight for the next book, but do I chance it?
Will readers feel disappointed if the bad guy gets away, even if the immediate threat is eliminated?  Will they be intrigued enough to come back?

What do you think, should I settle all the plot threads in this novel or leave some issues dangling for possible future stories?