Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Reading

With the unofficial start of summer upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some upcoming romantic suspense novels that are sure to delight! And, yes, that means I've finally found a few great new RS books to talk about. (There may be more added later, but here's an early summer rundown.)

I've already read these fantastic stories:

1. Beg for Mercy by Jami Alden (June): If you're a fan of Karen Rose or Allison Brennan than this one is for you. Megan Flynn's brother, Sean, has been sentenced to die for murder, but Megan knows he's innocent. Too bad no one is willing to listen, including her one-time boyfriend Detective Cole Williams -- who arrested Sean in the first place. When a series of murders begin with a shocking connection to the crime Sean has been imprisoned for, Cole takes notice. But is it too late to save Megan? This is the first book in a series by Alden.

2. Cover Me by Catherine Mann (July): The remote wilderness of Alaska is the setting for an action/adventure tale penned by one of military romances best authors. Sunny Foster has spent the last dozen or so years living in a small enclave in the remotest part of Alaska. The town has one big rule -- if you leave you can't come back and you can't tell anyone about the town. But when Sunny is "rescued" by pararescueman Wade Rocha during a storm — though it may be her who is saving him — it becomes clear that someone has an agenda and will kill to see his plan come to fruition. Can an elite military group, one sexy hero and one very self-reliant heroine save the day? And will a town have to give up its isolation for the greater good.

And I'm looking forward to reading:

You Belong to Me by Karen Rose (June): Since I've yet to read a book by Rose that I haven't liked, I'll say this one is a surefire winner.

Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish (July): Parrish (aka author Leslie Kelly) has been getting some great buzz from this book. This is perhaps her darkest book to date, but Parrish has a way with characters and plot that makes this one a must-read. (This has a bit of paranormal to it.)

Inside by Brenda Novak (July): Novak is a consistently strong romantic suspense author, and judging by just the books opening pages, this story has all the making of another winner. The hero and heroine are instantly engaging and the hero's got a compelling backstory that drives much of his actions. If you loved the romance in Prison Break between Michael and Sarah, you're sure to appreciate this one.

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