Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching Up With Old Friends

The annual Romance Writers of America national conference was held last week in Anaheim. For aspiring and established writers alike this is a must-attend conference. Not only is there a mega-book signing by hundreds of authors at one time and in one place,  there are parties (big and small), workshops, luncheons and networking opportunities. It's also a chance to meet new authors (some before their books are even out) and learn what your favorite authors are working on next.

There's a certain excitement being amongst so many talented women that brings people back year after year and provides encouragement to those who are just starting on the publishing path. (Even if you can't officially attend the conference, you'll feel the same energy at the book signing, as I did this year, and you'll be inspired to write more!)

For me though the best part of the RWA conference is always catching up with authors, editors and others who work in the romance fiction world, who I wouldn't otherwise get to see.

I hope everyone who attended had a great conference! And if you were there, what was the best part of the conference for you?

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