Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advice from a Self-Pubbing Pro

As I wait for my final book cover, I thought it might be interesting to get some self-pubbing tips from authors who've already had success in the ebook universe. First up, is author CJ Lyons, who has had a bestselling series from a New York publisher, found success self-publishing original ebook novels (including Face to Face and Sleight of Hand) and recently signed a major N.Y. publishing contract.

Here then are CJ's five tips for self-publishing:

1. It's vital to know and understand your audience.

2. It takes time to grow your audience, so be patient. The more titles you have available, the faster you'll grow your audience.

3. Pay attention to sales trends and be flexible, trying pricing experiments, changing cover art and product descriptions if they aren't striking a chord with your audience.

4. Your best promotional efforts are spent writing your next book ... not to say to never do any promotion, but play to your strengths. If blogging or tweeting or facebooking gives you enjoyment and energy that increases your productivity, then go for it! But if you find yourself drained and lacking energy to write, forget it. The writing is more important than marketing.

5. When in doubt, go back to No. 1 and ask yourself: What would give my readers the most pleasure? This question should be repeated with every endeavor whether it's trying a new genre, planning a plot twist, preparing cover art, writing your product description or marketing yor work.

Thanks CJ for your tips! This great advice for authors in any genre or format.

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