Monday, November 7, 2011

Writing Through November

It's already well into November (where did the year go?), which means it is a superbusy time for writers. Sure there's food to be cooked for Thanksgiving and presents to be bought on Black Friday but before that happens writers get to hunker down for two big November events -- NaNoWriMo and SYTYCW.
NaNo, as most participants call it, is a monthlong writing exercise where authors and aspiring writers aim to pen a 50,000-word book in just one month. To be successful with NaNo you really have to buckle down, writing nearly 2,000 words per day, every day of the month -- including Thanksgiving. For those who are participating, good luck! But just remember the old adage -- all good writing is in the rewriting.
As for the other acronym, SYTYCW, that's a much newer, but very impressive writing challenge from Harlequin Books. So You Think You Can Write launched last year, and hundreds (if not more) aspiring category writers took part in various challenges throughout the month in the hopes of winning a writing contract from Harlequin. Aside from the challenges, what makes SYTYCW so informative for writers, whether they are participating in the competition or not, are the great tips, blogs, chats and more that the publishing house's editors offer during the contest. You can learn more about SYTYCW here: Good luck! And even if you're not participating in either of these events, make it your goal to buckle down and write this month.

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